they lost me at $300,000 yearly budget and a two-person staff..

was checking out the humanist community blog‘s for atheists, politics proves to be a lonely endeavor.. was keeping up pretty good for me these days, meaning, if it’s not a one panel comic strip with 23 arrows all pointing in the direction of the punchline, the average written message goes zzzzip, right over head..

then i hit the part about a coalition they were highlighting as a supportive part of their post: two full-time employees with a $300,000 yearly budget..

sheesh, golly..!

$300,000..?!? 2 people..?!? ONE year..?!?

taking everything i have not to step out in judgmental shoes, not when my life is subsisting on ~650/month.. yes, business expenses do add up but still..

perhaps advertising or something similar is a big part of their budget..? goodness, i surely do hope so, for the sake of whomever is supplying said $300,000 in the first place..

hm. tabbing back over to the article now.. just one tiny problem.. what was their point before i got so unprodu¢tively di$tracted..? 🙂

peace, hope, love, and social justice for us all..

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