about the wisp..

wisp-o’-the-will is part of the ever-evolving process of finding the best home for each part of whatever still.. lurks within what has been the life of me, cindy sue causey..

the somewhat rocky steps previous that led to here include:

having become frightfully aware in recent months of how easily freedom of speech can be manipulated to silence precious voices, i decided it was time to start “shopping around” for a safer place to express my personal opinions.. timing being the incredible beasty that it has always been in my life, in addition to lists bragging on wordpress, i came across something from mr. wordpress himself, Matthew Mullenweg, who said that spam reports in his cyber house were manually verified using an irreplaceable human touch..

and so here we are.. you and me.. doing our virtual thingies..

peace, love, hope, and social justice for us all.. 😉


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  • Cindy Sue Causey

    Aspiring jewelry designer; disability self-advocate (degenerating cognitive abilities, mental health); Human rights activist; hobby webmistress..

    In a "past" Life, I've also worn the Shoes of: Marine mammal trainer/show performer; indoor tropical plant sales; department store merchandising; cryogenics small parts shipping; office clerk (accounts payable/receivable; labor data collection)..