ADAPT Issues Lesson On Disability For CNN..

Just found this in my inbox and passing along to get it on out there in a timely fashion..


For Immediate Release: October 14, 2009
For Information Contact: Bruce Darling 585-370-6690
MEDIA ADVISORY Marsha Katz 406-544-59504

ADAPT Confronts CNN at CNN HQ on Freedom for People with Disabilities

Who: ADAPT, National grassroots disability rights organization
What: Occupying CNN offices at CNN Headquarters in Atlanta
When: NOW, Wednesday, 2009.10.14 (9:30 a.m. Eastern time, and continuing)
Where: CNN HQ in CNN Center, Atlanta
Why: Get the Facts Straight on the Community Choice Act!

For nearly 20 years, ADAPT has been fighting to eliminate the institutional bias that forces seniors and people with disabilities into nursing facilities and other institutions. With very rare exceptions, this issue has been ignored by the major national media.

Even now, when the country is discussing the need to reform health care, the national media has overwhelmingly failed to recognize this critical issue.

Even worse, CNN got it wrong! In August of this year, Dr. Sanjay Gupta from CNN mentioned the Community Choice Act (S683/HR1670) during a segment on health care reform, but he stated that the legislation addressed the need for accessibility in medical settings. ADAPT contacted Dr. Gupta and CNN asking them to correct their inaccuracy and follow our efforts while we are here in Atlanta. They did not.

It is clear that the media plays a significant role in shaping American politics and public policy. We understand that if we want to change public policy, we need the media to understand this issue and call for change. ADAPT members have tried everything we can think of to raise awareness of the institutional bias and alternatives to institutionalization. Literally hundreds of us have been arrested. We have shut down streets, taken over buildings, and even marched 144 miles from Philadelphia to Washington, DC!

Because we are a grass-roots organization, ADAPT doesn’t have the expensive public relations firms that can “place” our story in the national media. So ADAPT members have come directly to CNN’s national headquarters to educate the network on our issues. We are here to ask CNN that:

  • Dr. Sanjay Gupta and his colleagues at CNN meet with ADAPT to learn about the institutional bias, the Community Choice Act (S683/HR1670), and consumer-directed/community-based alternatives to institutionalization;
  • Dr. Gupta correct his inaccurate report about the Community Choice Act;
  • Dr. Gupta and his colleagues at CNN acknowledge in their reporting that there are disability rights and civil rights issues embedded within healthcare issues;
  • Dr. Gupta and his colleagues at CNN report about the efforts of the disability community to eliminate the institutional bias and give people a REAL CHOICE in how and where they receive long term services and supports; and
  • Dr. Gupta and his colleagues at CNN report about community-based and consumer-directed models of assistance that are more cost-effective and give seniors and people with disabilities real control over their lives.

For more information on ADAPT, visit our website at


White House/CDC/HHS H1N1 Phone Calls :: October 8th and 9th (Thurs/Fri)..

Found this in my inbox and thought it might be of interest with respect to getting a feel for your taxpayer dollars in action.. For a balanced opinion on the “safety” of vaccinations, ANY vaccines, please do track down the latest from Zen Garcia with the Endeavor Freedom disability self-advocacy project..

As to actually participating in the phone calls, your guess is as good as mine just now.. This is all the information that was provided.. The United States government obviously remains with a very.. very long way to go before it finally catches a clue about the concept of being universally “accessible”..

In an effort to give you the most up to date information about the H1N1 virus, the White House Office of Public Engagement, in coordination with the Department of Health and Human Services and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, will hold informational conference calls on this subject. Below is a list of conference call information pertaining to different communities. Please feel free to join any number of these calls. Topics will include prevention, the importance of vaccination, vaccine safety and availability.

  • THURSDAY, October 8
    • 11:00a EDT H1N1, Pregnant Women and Maternal Health
      Participant: (800) 553-0327
      Title: Maternal Health H1N1 Call *Provide in lieu of passcode*
    • 1:00p EDT General H1N1 Outreach Call with Organizations of Any Background
      Participant: (800) 230-1085
      Title: H1N1 Briefing *Provide in lieu of passcode*
    • 1:45p EDT H1N1 and Children Under 5 and Children with High-Risk Conditions
      Participant: (800) 288-8961
      Title: Children H1N1 *Provide in lieu of passcode*
    • 2:00p EDT H1N1 and Persons with Cancer and non-HIV Immunosuppressive Conditions
      Participant: (800) 230-1096
      Title: Cancer H1N1 Call *Provide in lieu of passcode*
    • 2:00p EDT H1N1 and African Americans
      Participant: (800) 288-8960
      Title: African American H1N1 Call *Provide in lieu of passcode*
    • 7:00p EDT H1N1 and Pacific Islanders
      Participant: (800) 230-1059
      Title: Pacific Islanders H1N1 Call *Provide in lieu of passcode*
  • FRIDAY, October 9
    • 11:00a EDT H1N1 and Persons with HIV/AIDS
      Participant: (800) 288-8961
      Title: HIV\AIDS H1N1 Call *Provide in lieu of passcode*
    • 12:00p EDT H1N1 and Persons with Cardiovascular Disease
      Participant: (800) 230-1951
      Title: Cardiovascular H1N1 Call*Provide in lieu of passcode*
    • 1:00p EDT H1N1 and Persons with Diabetes
      Participant: (800) 230-1085
      Title: Diabetes H1N1 *Provide in lieu of passcode*
    • 1:00p EDT H1N1 and Persons with Asthma
      Participant: (800) 230-1074
      Title: Asthma H1N1 Call *Provide in lieu of passcode*
    • 2:00p EDT H1N1 and Persons with Disabilities
      Participant: (800) 230-1951
      Title: Disabilities H1N1 Call *Provide in lieu of passcode*
    • 2:00p EDT H1N1, Immigrants and non-English speakers (and including Latino and Asian organizations)
      Participant: (800) 230-1096
      Title: Immigrants\Non English Speaking H1N1 *Provide in lieu of passcode*
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